Case Study: Reviving an Accountant Directory with SEO after a Disastrous Migration

  • Accountant directory, ~2k pages
  • Geo: Belgium

As an SEO expert, it’s not uncommon to be called in to help fix issues that arise from website migrations gone wrong. In this case study, we’ll take a deep dive into how I helped a Belgian accountant directory, Boekhouders Totaal (, recover from a significant loss in traffic and search engine rankings after a problematic migration. With approximately 2,000 pages and a primarily Belgian audience, this project presented a unique challenge.

The Situation

When I began my SEO services for Boekhouders Totaal, they were already two months post-migration and experiencing a major drop in traffic. This was primarily due to a large number of indexed pages that had turned into 404 errors, along with several technical issues like the absence of Schema markup and poor page speed results.

The Challenge

The biggest issue we faced was that many pages that once generated traffic had become 404 errors and had already disappeared from Google’s index. This made it more difficult to regain lost ground. Additionally, the new website was plagued with technical issues and a lack of proper pagination, preventing Google from crawling beyond the first page of the accountant list and blog articles list.

The Strategy

First and foremost, we implemented all necessary 301 redirects to point the old, indexed pages to their new, relevant counterparts. This helped to salvage some lost traffic and improve the site’s overall performance.

Next, we tackled the technical issues on the new website. We introduced Schema markup to improve search engine understanding and optimized page speed for better user experience. Finally, we resolved the pagination problem, allowing Google to crawl the entire accountant list and blog articles list.

The Results

After addressing the key issues and making improvements to the website, Boekhouders Totaal saw a steady increase in traffic. The site eventually surpassed pre-migration numbers and even reached five times more traffic than when my SEO services began. While there’s still more work to be done in the coming months to further improve the site’s performance, this case study showcases the value of SEO expertise in recovering from a difficult migration.


Migrating a website can be a daunting task, and without proper planning and execution, it can lead to significant losses in traffic and search engine rankings. This case study demonstrates how effective SEO strategies can not only restore a website’s performance but also help it reach new heights. As we continue to work with Boekhouders Totaal, we’re confident that their online presence will continue to grow, ultimately driving even more success for their business.

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