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Case Study: Transforming a Job Search Website’s SEO Performance for Skyrocketing Clicks

Navigating the complex world of job search websites requires a strategic SEO approach to stand out and attract users. In this case study, we’ll explore how I assisted a Canadian job search website with over 100,000 pages in addressing indexing and crawling issues, implementing Schema markup, and improving applicant pages, resulting in a dramatic increase in clicks within just two months.

The Situation

The job search website faced several challenges, including problems with indexing and crawling, missing Schema markup, and incorrectly created applicant pages. These issues were preventing the site from reaching its full potential and appearing in Google’s specialized Job Search results.

The Challenge

To help the job search website thrive, we needed to address the indexing and crawling issues, implement JobPosting Schema markup, and create detailed applicant pages that would allow the site to appear in Google’s Job Search results.

The Strategy

Our first step was to fix the crawling and indexing issues, ensuring that Google could scan only high-quality pages. We then implemented JobPosting Schema markup, providing the search engine with structured data about the job listings on the site.

Next, we focused on creating detailed applicant pages with JobPosting markup, which not only improved the site’s overall SEO performance but also qualified it to appear in Google’s specialized Job Search results.

The Results

Once the website appeared in Google’s Job Search results, clicks skyrocketed from approximately 180 at the beginning of our SEO work to over 2,000 in less than two months. This rapid increase in clicks was a testament to the effectiveness of our targeted SEO strategies.


This case study demonstrates the significant impact a well-planned SEO strategy can have on a job search website’s performance. By addressing key challenges and implementing targeted improvements, we were able to dramatically increase clicks and help the website stand out in the competitive job search market. As the site continues to grow, the strong SEO foundation we’ve built will ensure its ongoing success in attracting job seekers and employers alike.

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