Case Study: Boosting Sales and Traffic for a Surveillance Camera E-commerce Site with SEO

E-commerce websites require a well-planned SEO strategy to drive traffic and increase sales. In this case study, we’ll examine how I helped Nadzor (, a Ukrainian surveillance camera shop with approximately 20,000 pages, overcome issues with backlinks, site structure, and content to nearly triple clicks and impressions and double sales in under six months.

The Situation

Nadzor faced several challenges, including irrelevant backlinks with no Off-page SEO work, and a complicated site structure that generated hundreds of thousands of thin content indexable pages. These issues were negatively impacting the site’s visibility and overall performance.

The Challenge

To improve Nadzor’s online presence, we needed to address the backlink profile, simplify the site structure, and eliminate thin content pages. In addition, we aimed to create valuable and relevant pages for mid and low-volume keywords to boost search engine rankings.

The Strategy

Our first step was to fix the product filter module and close all thin content pages from scanning and indexing. This allowed us to present Google with only high-quality pages, improving the site’s overall SEO performance.

Next, we created a custom tool for generating product filters with two or more combinations (e.g., brand + type). This enabled us to develop many valuable and relevant pages targeting mid and low-volume keywords, which further enhanced the site’s visibility in search results.

To address the issue of irrelevant backlinks and lack of Off-page SEO work, we focused on building a more robust backlink profile and improving the click-through rate (CTR) for branded queries. This effort resulted in higher rankings for high-frequency keywords, with the majority of positions moving from the Top-10 to the Top-5.

The Results

By addressing the key challenges and implementing our targeted strategies, clicks and impressions for Nadzor nearly tripled in less than half a year. More importantly, sales doubled, demonstrating the direct impact of our SEO efforts on the site’s bottom line.


This case study highlights the power of a well-executed SEO strategy in the e-commerce space. By addressing issues with backlinks, site structure, and content, we were able to significantly improve Nadzor’s online visibility and drive impressive growth in traffic and sales. As the site continues to expand and evolve, the groundwork we’ve laid will serve as a solid foundation for ongoing success.

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